Content Display & Content Marketing/Promotion



We display, share and promote content (articles, books, magazines, publications, videos, audio, events, reports and so on) as provided by publishers, authors, creative people, individuals and corporate bodies.

We also recommend content we find interesting and useful.

At Akawey, you can have your publications and other content displayed for free. Whatever be the nature of your content, talk to us and we could have it up in no time.

We also produce publications of our own and do collaborative work with interested content creators.


Content Publishing/Posting

Akawey  provides a regulated content publishing platform for writers, authors, journalists, professionals, experts, creative people, leisure writers and so on, who have articles, information, literary works and any other material to share.


Digital Library/Bookshop

We provide a digital library for sales and distribution of your books, magazines, comics and so on.

We typically act as you affiliate marketer in this regard, this system helps with establishing seamless business processes.


Marketing & Promotion

Spread the awareness about your content and publications on a much wider level across the internet and offline too. This is a premium service and you can contact us today if you desire this service.


Do you have material you want to publish (books, magazines, research, creative works, etc.) OR do you want to promote your business?


Feel free to contact us today for business, more details, prospects and more.



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